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Get Set Wet Hydrophobic Spray (1 Litre)


Ultimaxx Get Set is an Sio2 (Silicone) based wet Hydrophobic Spray which acts as an excellent drying aid, minimising water spots, thus leading to a perfect vehicle wash. Get Set must only be used on a wet surface.

Use Ultimaxx Get Set Spray after using Ultimaxx Slick Wash to aid safe drying.

Waxeramic Car wax, Car Polish (50ml – 200ml)


Ultimaxx Waxeramic is phenomenal wax with extremely good durability and awesome gloss levels.

Ulitimaxx Waxeramic can be layered after 1 hour. It is safe to use on all paintwork, painted plastics, carbon fibre and also on the side windows of your vehicle.

Always use Ultimaxx Panel Prep prior to application of Waxeramic.

    Finale Interior Dressing (1 Litre)


    Uv blocking interior dressing, keeps oil evaporation coming into contact with your windscreen, non sticky, non glossy interior car trim dressing

    Gelmaxx Tyre Dressing 500ml


    500ml of Anti sling tyre dressing.

    Gelmaxx is the perfect trim dressing for all textured plasics also.

    Ultimaxx tyre dressing is when dried totally non-sticky.

    Trim dressings can leave an awful sticky feel after being applied, but not with Ultimaxx Gelmaxx.

    White application Pads 12 pack


    Pack of 12 white microfibre ceramic coating application pads

    Safe Glass Cleaner (1 Litre)


    Possibly the best glass cleaner there is on the market.

    Alcohol based formula

    Streak free cleaning of any glass surface.

    Glass cleaning made very easy

    Engage (1 Litre)


    Ultimaxx Engage is a Pre-Wash Concentrate to help lift stubborn dirt from your vehicle prior to washing. It is safe to use on ceramic and wax coated vehicles.

    Engage is step 1 in the safe washing process.

    Pre wash is crucial for the safe maintenance when cleaning your ceramic coated car.

    Long dwell times can be safely achieved without stripping any wax or ceramic away from your protected vehicle.

    Slick Foam (1 Litre)


    Ultimaxx Slick Foam is a beautifully engineered Snow Foam with the perfect consistency. Slick Foam safely pulls away all dirt molecules from the surfaces of the vehicle.

    Slick Foam is Stage 2 in the safe washing process.

    The absolute perfect consistency.

    Ideal for ceramic coated and wax coated vehicles, as it will only remove the dirt and grime, and not the protection you’ve already applied.

    Showtime Ceramic Quick Detailing Spray (1 Litre)


    Ultimaxx Showtime is a Ceramic Quick Detailing Spray that offers an ultra-hydrophobic effect with an exceptionally slick feel and finish to your paintwork and surfaces. This beautifully engineered spray needs minimal work but gives maximum effect.

    ShowTime is a spray wax with a difference..

    Unlike a conventional quick detailer, Showtime you will use a lot less product.

    Ultimaxx showtime is a hydrophobic spray, that gives phenomenal gloss.

    A Ceramic spray with such simple ease of use.

    It will impart a beautiful gloss with an epic slick feel and finish.

    Showtime is at the very pinnacle of the final touching stages of detailing.

    Turn up to the show and shine events and this will be the winning formula.

    Polishing Pad Hard Purple (90mm – 145mm)


    Ultimaxx 90mm – 145mm Polishing pad.

    Suitable for rotary or Dual action machine polishers.

    Machine correction made easy with these polishing pads.

    This works perfectly in conjunction with the Virtus 487 machine compound, also available in store.

    The ultimaxx machine polishing pad, will take hours of machine correction if kept clean and making sure every panel the polishing pad is kept clean and free from a build of compound.

      Polishing Pad Soft Yellow (90mm – 145mm)


      Perfect in conjunction with the virtus 497/472 machine correction compounds

        Virtus 472 machine polish compound


        Allchem Virtus 472 finishing polish.

        500ml machine compound

        These are Italian manufactured and are of the very finest quality machine compounds on the market.

        Virtus machine compounds, do not clog and will give very minimal sling.

        These machine compounds save you the detailer, time and money.

        You will need very little of these machine compounds too, Virtus will cut you multi stage machine polishing right down.

        Used in conjunction with our Yellow machine pads, 472 is the single stage machine polish every detailer has to try.


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