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ULTIMaxx Multifunctional Use

Ultimaxx Ceramics offer a comprehensive range of Ceramic Coatings and waxes for the automotive, motorcycle, Kitchen & Bathroom, Hospitals, Aviation and Marine industry. From luxurious shampoos and snow foams, detailing sprays and plush microfibre towels and cloths, so the enthusiast can have everything at their finger-tips for the safe washing and protection of your cherished items.

Offering a selection of various products for sale. Such as Engage, Slick Foam, Slick Wash and Get Set. Ceramics such as Showtime, Nanomaxx, Signature and Nanomaxx Spray as well as a wide range of microfiber clothes, drying towels, wash pads and suede applicators. For all your vehicle needs browse our online shop. Alternatively give Shane and the team a call on 01200 423596 to discuss your requirements and we will match you with the products that are best suited to your needs.


Our Benefits

  • Ultimaxx Ceramics is a modern up to date, day to day method of multifunctional protection of Ceramic Coating, it protects the paintwork by blocking the UV rays and slowing down oxidation.
  • Ultimaxx Ceramics guarantees protection and care of any surface for your vehicles, providing a shield against chemical staining such as acid rain
  • Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating provides an extra protect layer to the car’s paintwork
  • Hassel free cleaning as Ceramic Coating prevents dirt and other stains from bonding with your cars paint work.
  • Ultimaxx Ceramic Coating gives your car that extra glossy shine which gives your car appeal and value.
  • Ultimaxx Ceramics helps to preserve attractiveness and increase the service life of your vehicles.
  • Ultimaxx Ceramics exceeds the modern standards of detailing.

Sectors – ULTIMaxx Ceramics

We offer a comprehensive multifunctional range of Ceramic Coatings and waxes for the sectors below




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