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Tyre Dressing Brush


Tyre dressing brush with holder

Coral Fleece 550 GSM Towel


Ultra Plush Coral Fleece Towel

Ideal for the final touch on any detail

Microfibre Interior Cleaning Pad


10X15 CM Cleaning pad

Safe on all interior surfaces.

Pack of 10

Power Washer Stubby Lance


Stubby lance gun

32 mm thread,snap connection fitting

Various sized nozzles

Big Softie


Big Softie


The Big Softie

Ultra plush detailing brush

Large wide base allowing for easier control

Comes with its own holder

Please state red or blue on the order

White Applicator Pads


Pack of 12 microfibre applicator pads

Snow foam Cannon 1 litre


1 litre snow foam cannon

Snap connector

Wide base and wide top for easy filling

Angled Fixed Head Detailing Brush Set of 3


Pack of 3

Fixed head angled brushes

Super soft

Boar hair

And one nylon

Perfect for interior or exterior detailing

Pad Cleaning Buckets


Making cleaning polishing pads a breeze.

Simply spray the pad with a mist of water.

Place the pad on the machine,then onto the head in the bucket,and slowly spin the machine.

Please make sure to keep the bucket on a hard clean surface, and apply some small pressure whilst cleaning

JIMI Mini Dual Action Polisher


1200 W


High performance bearings

4 metre cable



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