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Korean Drying Towel


500ml of Anti sling tyre dressing.

Gelmaxx is the perfect trim dressing for all textured plasics also.

Ultimaxx tyre dressing is when dried totally non-sticky.

Trim dressings can leave an awful sticky feel after being applied, but not with Ultimaxx Gelmaxx.

Brush Kit 5 Piece Set


Utilising your drill, attach any of these brushes to your drill and get scrubbing.

Cleaning made easy.

5 pieces to use and choose from, these brushes are perfect for any interior valeting or detailing job.

Ultimaxx brush kits will fit all-electric or cordless drills

Gripp-it Gloves, PPE Nitrile Gloves


Gripp-it gloves size large

Pack of 50.

Extra strong nitrile gloves, with the added advantage of small pimples in the nitrile glove for far better grip.

Grip-it gloves are green in colour and these nitrile gloves can be used over and over again.

Microfibre Polishing Cloth 40x40cm


Ultimaxx Microfibre polishing cloth.

Ultra plush microfibre cloth, measuring 40×40 cm

360GSM with one smooth side and one plush side.

Ultimaxx microfibre polishing cloths are ideal for use with Ultimaxx Showtime.

Totally edgeless and with no nasty tags.

Plush soft microfibres

Priced individually

White Magic Eraser Blocks (10 pack)


Ultimaxx Eraser blocks come in a pack of 10.

Magic sponges are an amazing piece of foam that soaks up marks and stains on hard surfaces.

Cleaning marks from car interiors safely

Lightly dampen the sponge and rub across the surface.

Magic eraser sponges are amazing in the household kitchen too, working ideally on gas hob tops and much more.

Polishing Ball


Used with any cordless drill this polishing ball is superb for hard to reach areas.

Simply attach to your drill and get busy polishing.

This ultimaxx polishing ball is ideal for cleaning and polishing a multitude of surfaces.

Polishing any metal to a high lustre, so motorcycle chrome exhausts etc.

Decal and pinstripe remover, toffee wheel


The Ultimaxx pin stripe and decal removal tool is a must for your detailing armoury.

This toffee or caramel wheel attaches to your drill.

Then to remove the unwanted signage or stripes, let this little safely remove them.

It will not mark or marr the paint.

Wash Mitt


Wash Mitt


Microfibre wash cloth made from ultra fine microfibre that is ultra soft and perfect for use on all areas of the vehicle.

The microfibre wash mitt offers superior cleaning ability with extra deep pile microfibre strands and coupled with a thick foam core it is able to hold maximum levels of shampoo suds, making for a super safe wash routine.

Drying Towel 60x80cm


Plush drying towel

Seamed edge, is the perfect way to dry your vehicle safely.

Car Interior Cleaning Sponge


Ideal for all interior materials.

This can easily remove make up and grease from any surface, including headlinings.

Spray your cleaner onto the sponge and work it into the surface, and remove with a clean damp microfibre cloth.

Glass Cleaning Cloths – Pack of 10 (40×40)


Ultimaxx Waffle type glass cleaning cloths come in a pack of 10. Glass cleaning can be a nightmare if you are not using the correct cloths. The waffle cloth is perfect with our alcohol based safe glass cleaner available in store. Glass cleaning has never been easier with these waffle cloths. Do not over saturate the glass and keep turning the cloth over Streak free windows, for your car or home or office.


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